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About Mega Platform

Mega Platform offers powerful logic based customization, so you can build an intelligent and dynamic WordPress site that can give your users exactly what they want. We have developed Mega Platform based on our 20+ years of experience solving real problems in various sectors. Our product adds powerful tools at your fingertips with low knowledge barrier, allowing you to compete with larger and more resourceful players on a level playing field.

Live demo offers all the Add-Ons for live testing with tons of advanced features, below are your Geolocation details derived by our Mega Platform.You can see the right navigation bar is showing Widget, WP Categories and Woo Product Categories which are specific to your country (US, Australia, UK, Canada, Germany and India) and for other countries can see category of “Other Countries” and “All Countries T-Shirts”. To more information visit our product site MegaEdzee Technologies .

Create you personal demo site to access admin/backend of Mega WordPress Plugin. Click here to create your personal demo site.

IP Address :
Continent : North America
Country : United States
Region : Virginia
City : Ashburn